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In her famous novel, Love & Gelato, Jenna Evans Welch vividly described gelato in these sumptuous words… “So... Italian gelato. Take the deliciousness of a regular ice-cream cone, times it by a million, then sprinkle it with crushed-up unicorn horns.” Indeed, finding the best Italian gelato could be quite a unique experience especially for ice cream enthusiasts. Gelato is Italy’s version of ice cream with lower butterfat content and less solidly frozen than American ice cream. It melts in the mouth faster and is slightly warmer than regular ice cream. These subtle but significant differences are the reasons why gelato has become an integral part of the Italian culture. So what exactly do we look for to find the best gelato in town?  Read below for more on how to enjoy your ultimate gelato experience.


1. choose natural colors

Select flavors like banana and pistachio (Did you know that grape gelato does not exist?. Be sure to pick the right colors since banana and pistachio flavors are not too bright. Go for the organic, natural colors like a little tan or dirty white for banana gelato and neutral green or earthy brown for pistachio.


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2. form and shapes

As discussed earlier, gelato is slightly warmer than regular ice cream. This is because they are stored in a lower temperature compared to how American ice cream is kept. Storing it in just the right temperature puts the gelato into a semi-liquid form, so the trick is to find tin-canned storage in order to spot the best gelato in town. You may be amazed by the high piles of gelato in the case, but the best gelato can be found in metal bins somewhere else.


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3. what is it made of?

The primary factor that you need to know on how to spot great Gelato is its core ingredients. You would not want your gelato to be processed and instant like the ones you find in grocery stores. What you want are genuine, natural ingredients like real fruit bits or organic nuts.

Once you have chosen your perfect gelateria and have finished picking out your items for your ultimate gelato experience, these are the nest steps to consider:


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1. settle your bill

In spite of your excitement for your newly-purchased goodies, inform the storekeeper of the size of the gelato that you have selected whether you chose it on a coloful cup or on a cone.


2. ask for advice

Gelateria employees are gelato experts! If you don't know what flavor to choose, ask them! Some gelato attendants may suggest a template combination of flavors like Banana Chocolate, Melon Orange or Coffee and Pistachio. Choose at your own free will!


3. WHip it up!

Most gelato enthusiasts are entitled to adding the famous whip cream on their gelato. But for those who are conscious of the extra calories that whip cream may bring, don't worry because gelato taste amazing with or without whip cream.


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So there you go, you have now the perfect gelato for your ultimate gelato experience. Good luck!


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Roberta Oddati

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