Fun facts you didn't know about gelato

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Roberta Oddati

 Fun facts you didn't know about gelato


Who doesn't love ice cream? Ice cream and gelato are not only for kids to enjoy, but some adults know how to spot a great gelato from miles away. This is the kind of dessert everyone loves to eat, make, and even write about. To most, this is an inexpensive mouth-watering dessert. Tourists are constantly looking for souvenirs to bring to their loved ones to share with them a piece of Italian culture. Marketers and gelateria owners make sure that each scoop is wrapped with refreshing Italy’s goodness


So, to add the flavor in every cup here are some fun facts you didn't know about gelato


Did you know....

#1: what the word ‘gelato’ means?

You may know that gelato is the Italian ice cream, but do you know what the word actually means? Have you ever tried Googling it? It's simple: ‘Gelato’ means ‘frozen’.  Makes sense, right?


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#2: that gelato has a lower fat content?

If you are on a diet and you are dying to have a sweet delight, a scoop of gelato can be the solution. Unlike your regular ice cream, gelato has a lower fat content. This simply means that you can enjoy every cup without having that guilty feeling. Business owners who want to educate their customers sometimes explain to them what an Italian ice cream contains.




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#3: that gelato is made without preservatives?

One of the reasons marketers take advantage of high quality gelato cups is that this kind of ice cream does not contain preservatives. This dessert has a shorter shelf life and does not even contain artificial colors. Don't just consider a gelateria that is famous, look for a shop that serves fresh ice cream everyday. If they serve on a regular basis, then that is definitely the ice cream parlor you are looking for. Did you know that grape ice cream does not exist? Find out why.




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There may be a lot of things you did not know about this frozen delight, but just understanding three facts will surprise your clients. This is the reason gelato has always been a part of everyone’s life regardless of age, gender, or status. One cup contains more than you can think of.


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Roberta Oddati

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