3 ways to Have a Successful Catering Event

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The art of catering is a wonderful craft to master. What more do you want as a caterer than to attract clients and get hired for a catering event? But how do you plan out and master an event, whether it's a corporate party, wedding, or cocktail? Here are some ways to have a successful catering event.



1. Respond to client calls proactively

You want your catering company to stand out. But how do you get hired as a caterer? Of course, you need to attract clients and persuade them to call you, drop you an email or inquire on your website. Once they have done so, remember to respond proactively to their queries and accommodate them as much as you can. Present your packages and pricelists clearly and always initiate to ask if they have any more concerns so all their questions are answered. Don't hesitate to make suggestions hand in hand with the actual ideas of the client and communicate to them in a friendly and professional manner.



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2. Know when to release a price quote

So what do you think is the primary concern of the clients? Nothing else but the budget. Clients will always ask how much money a certain service would cost. Some clients will push you to give out your price quote immediately even during your first interaction but you must resist to fall into this trap. Since you haven’t planned out the specific dishes to be served, the number of guests you will be serving, the venue, and the necessary catering supplies neededgiving an estimated price during the first conversation will either result to a price that is too high or too low, both of which are sure to result to either a lost deal or lost money. No need to panic. Instead, offer the client a general price and promise to follow up with a detailed written proposal.



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3. Closing the deal

You need to have a clear idea on the budget of your client because you will need to work around this amount. Most clients will be vague in telling you how much they are actually willing to spend, but convince them to inform you as much as possible. You can also suggest cost-saving methods if the client is not that responsive with your high-end menu proposals. First impressions matter in catering, so once you meet in person, bring your menus and your packages in order to give the client a chance to review and choose among the options you have prepared. Ask for the actual number of guests and write it down while informing the client that the price range will be formulated based on the number of guestsCalculate the final price carefully and send it to your client. Once the client agrees, give out a contract with all the appropriate details and have it ready for signing.


Once you have your contract signed, put your best catering foot forward and give your client an experience that he will remember for a lifetime.


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Roberta Oddati

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