What Are the Requirements to Start an Ice Cream Business?

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Selling ice cream in your neighborhood is a business idea that never seems to get old. If you're thinking of starting your own ice cream business business, there are a few business requirements that you need to take into consideration. You can either sell your ice cream in a fixed location, or you can use an ice cream truck and make rounds in your local neighborhood. Business requirements to start an ice cream business depends on how small or large you want your business to be, and depending on the city permits.





For Ice Cream Stands

One of the best options to choose from if you want to start selling ice cream is a stand or a cart. Setting up your own ice cream stand can cost you anywhere from $2,000 to $9,000 depending on how large or customized your stand is. Ice cream stands are very popular during the spring and summer, so you can place your stand in stadiums or along busy city streets as long as you have legal permission. Don't forget to take advatange of the weather by serving your ice cream on colorful ice cream cups and spoons. Before you can set up your own ice cream stand, you need to go to your local city hall first and inquire about the state and city requirements. Depending on state laws, setting up an ice cream business, which is part of the food industry, will require you a health permit, vendor permit, food handling permits, and also licenses and insurance. Your criminal background also needs to be checked before the permits are given to you.



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Ice Cream Trucks

Once you are successful with your ice cream stand, you can use an ice cream truck to service your product to multiple neighborhoods. If you don't have the funds to purchase your own ice cream truck yet, you can always lease from one of the ice cream distributors in your local area. However, there are certain permits that you need to acquire first before you can take your ice cream business to the next level. Since you will be driving a motorized vehicle, you will need a valid driver’s license. If you are utilizing an ice cream truck, you will also need a health permit. If your ice cream truck is as large as a bus, you will need a special commercial driver’s license.


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Understanding the Law

Certain laws apply to neighborhoods where you will be selling your ice cream. There are also city laws that regulate noise and safety rules for vehicles who are selling different products. For example, if you are going to play music in your ice cream truck to attract customers, you will need to follow local laws. Make sure to go to your city’s official website and obtain specific information about the noise laws, as well as other laws that you might not know about. It's important that you know the rules and you have the proper permits so you don't encounter any issues while selling ice cream.




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