Fun Marketing Ideas for a Coffee Shop

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Do you remember the Death Wish Coffee ad during the Super Bowl 50? The 30 second commercial of vikings on a ship made a huge impact for this small coffee shop who made the most out of their Super Bowl moment. Mike Brown, the owner of the coffee roaster said that the marketing campaign resulted in a 20x increase in sales in the weeks after the Super Bowl. This type of big-budget and high-gloss marketing campaign is not common in the coffee world. As a matter of fact, Death Wish would not have had the commercial spot if it were not for Intuit Quickbooks. The organization ran a contest where one small business will be featured in the big event.



Here is the Super Ad if you missed it:





A recent survey showed that that the typical budget of a specialty coffee shop is more modest than you think. The survey showed that around 70% of coffee shops spend less than $100 a month on their marketing campaign. What is even more shocking is that nearly 40% of the coffee shops spend nothing on marketing. So how does an independent coffee shop obtain new customers? Here are some strategies and fun marketing ideas for a coffee shop that will help gain more customers:




Appealing Storefronts

The simplest way for a coffee shop to gain new customers is simply making their shop more appealing to people who happen to pass by. The best way to start with the signage. Many shops still find good signages critical because they go beyond the letters that are hanging above the entrance of your shop. A good signage will help direct people to your coffee shop. Once potential customers are attracted to your signage, you can kick it up a notch by offering free samples of your best coffee. This is a great way for you to introduce your store and product to new customers. Don't forget to impress your customers by serving them in styrofoam cups and to-go containers if they're in a hurry.


Word of Mouth

Every customer that walks into your shop is a marketing opportunity. This is because there are a lot of people who like to talk about their experience, and this includes trips to coffee shops. One of the most popular ways that people discover new coffee shops is by a friend's recommendation. Creating excellent customer service is important because your customers are one of your best marketing tools. Show off your business by using the best cups for your coffee shop in the market. Everyone will want to tell their friends about the experience that they had with a certain coffee shop.




Social Media Advertising

It's completly free to use social media platforms to promote your coffee shop. All you need is an account and you're good to go. With the large number of people using social media platforms such as Facebook everyday, this is a good place for you to start attracting new customers. Update your followers with promos and discounts and get people excited about your promotions so that they can bring their friends along with them when they go to your coffee shop. The key to a successful social media marketing campaign is consistency. You need to ensure that you are always updating your page so that both current and new customers will know that you are still active.



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Roberta Oddati

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