How to Make Your Gelato Containers More Memorable

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Gelato and ice cream shop owners always pay close attention when choosing the perfect containers for the parlor. Having the perfect containers for your clients is key is making them come back for more. Read below to learn how to make your gelato containers more memorable.


Don't forget about the importance of packaging, keep in mind that food will always look tastier when people see it presented in a unique style. We have gathered up three ways you can make packaging memorable at your ice cream or gelato parlor. Considering these three ways will definitely make your guests return for more.


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#1 keep it simple

Yet attractive. You must not forget that simplicity carries its own beauty. Although everyone offers their own pastry packaging style, allow your customers to see your gelato cups and containers different from the rest. Simple yet attractive is key.

Remember to take advantage of your containers. For example, plastic containers for desserts are not just there for no reason. They can be used to advertise. Therefore, you have to have an interesting logo and original design to capture the heart of your customers. One of the main reasons for your dessert plastic containers should be for people to recognize your brand.  


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#2 loco over logos

Imagine plastic containers with your brand’s logo, think about bringing an impact to your customers. After all, this is the purpose of taking advantage of these containers. Remember to always have your logo everywhere to make your clients remember your gelato shop.


#3 product information

Last but not the least, your business information must be seen on your packaging. Otherwise, you will defeat its purpose. Remember to have your logo, address, phone number, and social media accounts to raise social media awareness to your shop. This is the main purpose of keeping your business information in your cups and containers.

Remember these three ways to make not just your business and product memorable, but your business as well.


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Roberta Oddati

Written by Roberta Oddati

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