Does Food Packaging Affect Taste?

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Roberta Oddati

Does Food Packaging Affect Taste?


It all started with a simple experiment. When Charles Spence, an experimental psychologist from Oxford University, learned the importance of the food packaging to the customers. Twelve years ago he was at a pub and noticed how Pringles potato chips have this so-called ‘crunch’. It was then when he began to wonder if the taste would change to everyone if the sound of the crunch would also change. So, does food packaging affect taste?




He invited mutiple individuals to munch on the same brand of chips. However, the sound of the crunch differed from one subject to the other created through the muffling and equalizers. And the result? You guessed it right! Each subject reported different results. As the sound varied, they have this perception that the taste also changed. For instance, the level of freshness was different even if the chips were the same. The professor came to the conclusion that the food was largely influenced by the subject’s multiple senses and not just the taste.




Looking at all the different pastry packagings at a pastry shop, you'll notice how tasty the desserts look in bright, colorful, pastry containers. Beautiful design and decoration sells. As a matter of fact, you may not hesitate to buy it and have a bite. However, if you taste the same piece of cake, packed in a simple box, you'll think that the taste is not the same as what you expected.


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Professor Spence had extra white Coca Cola cans in his office, these cans were limited edition in efforts to preserve the polar bears. Believe it or not, when Professor Spene gave these cans to his participants, the same thing happened. They expressed their dissatisfaction with regards to the taste, claiming that Coca Cola changed their formula and the soda tasted worse. It wasn't about the design, but about the taste. These individuals were influenced by their multiple senses telling them that the taste changed along with the design.



These are solid examples of how the visual presentation of the package highly affects the taste and even the texture of the food. Keep in mind that the color, design, and even the shape can greatly influence your customer’s perception. 

One of the reasons most companies hire a professional to create their logo, and most importantly, their packaging design, is to allow their target market be attracted to their company and not their competitor’s. 


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Roberta Oddati

Written by Roberta Oddati

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