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Being a good caterer requires a lot of detail to make you stand out of the crowd. Just like all the other careers, training should be the number one prerequisite. Even if you have the right skills, good training works as the firm foundation for your vocation. Second, hard work is essential or else you will never be able to reach your goals. And last, carefully sharpened skills enables you to soar to success in no time. Unlike the chefs, caterers face enormous challenges such as the business matters, marketing, and most importantly, the relationships between your customers and your employees. In addition, you also have to take care of the food quality. 


So, here are the 5 commandments of a good caterer and how to have the best catering company out there. 

1. Cook good food

Have you heard about the saying that you are what you eat? Keep in mind that food is the lifeblood in catering services. No matter how beautiful your table and decoration is, if the food is terrible, there is no way your clients will call you back and arrange for another party. In short, plan your menus, consider those good recipes that can meet your customers’ taste buds, and most of all prepare the food safely and properly particularly when transporting in large amounts. Lastly, make sure that food is always reheated when needed.  If you are serving desserts, make sure that they are properly packaged in high-quality dessert containers.


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2. safety of food 

Always make sure that you and your employees know how to comply with the Food and Drug Administration. Everyone in your team needs to be aware of the food safety regulations. If necessary, you can conduct a field training. There are culinary institutes and your local colleges that offers so. 


3. satisty your customers

Perhaps, the line “The customer is always right” is true. The moment you treat your customers the way they are supposed to be treated, you will never go wrong. In other words, word of mouth is just so powerful that if you deal with them rudely, don't be surprised one day you lose all your customers. Be courteous and don’t forget to communicate with them so as to build customer relations. 


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4. good leadership

Keep in mind that your staff, cooks, dishwashers, cleaners, and servers look up to you. As a leader, you have to know how to show them the right direction. Consider your staff as a team geared toward a goal. If it is necessary, give them advice.



5. motivation is important

There are times where you will be working at the busiest time of the year. This simply means, it requires your stamina to work 7 days a week. No matter how tired your body is, learn how to motivate your team so that they are always excitement to come to work. At this point, this may be considered as one of the causes your business would go slow. Motivation is crucial. 

Following these commandments, it is obvious that your catering business will take off to success. Stand out among the rest of the caterers and take the challenge. 


6. decoration is key 

Having the best decoration as a caterer company is very important. As an owner, you want to show off your business. What better way to do this than to have the best dessert containers, plastic spoons for desserts, food plastic containers, and high-quality dessert accessories? Make sure that your cartering company always has the latest trends in design and packaging customization.



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Roberta Oddati

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