What You Should Know About Hosting a Gelato Tasting Party

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Hosting a Gelato Tasting Party


Have you already had gelato? Not the fake one, but the real one that is full of delicious flavors and freshness. If you have, then this article is for you. Gelato is an Italian word which means frozen. So no summer is perfect without experiencing this frozen dessert. But as you think about people rushing inside gelaterias, consider hosting a gelato tasting party for your friends and loved ones. For sure, it’s an invitation they would never turn down.




Why Choose Gelato?

Out of all the foods you can serve as a host, why should you choose gelato? Well, gelato is basically different from ice cream, yogurt or custard because it is made with milk instead of cream which means less fat and has more concentrated flavor. It’s a unique food party for you can pair gelato with fruits or even delicious cocktails for the summer.


Brighten Up the Place

You can brighten up your gelato tasting party by putting together a fun and functional tablescape theme with bright colors setting up the mood. Choose from a variety of high-quality colorful ice cream and gelato cups. Make a colorful choice for your tablecloths, plates and napkins while working on different hues and color blends. It’s best to prepare small dessert dishes and small colorful spoons so that your visitors will love it. 


Store Gelato in Freezer

Don’t forget to store your desserts in low temperature so that they are served well enough to entice your visitors. If your freezer is nearby, this is not a problem, but if it's not, consider using a cooler that is filled with ice. You may also line your cooler with packs of reusable freezer in order to insulate containers from all side.


Choose Excellent Flavors

The summer is perfect for delicious flavors, which will make it hard for you to pick. If you wish to have an Italian ambiance, you may choose fresh fruit and nut purees. In case you want something out of your creation, you may do so too. This is wonderful if you have an gelato maker at home.


Sprinkle Some Toppings

Toppings are great way to add value to your gelato. You can use a cookie cutter to form any shape you want. Summer fruits will be perfect during this hot weather so consider watermelon, pineapple, cantaloupe and honeydew. Other varieties include toasted hazelnuts, chocolate chips and waffle cookies. Be aware of your guest's allergies, as nuts and dairy are high food allergens. 


Serve It Well

Once the dish is out, people will surely come forward for a scoop or bowl. Melting gelato might become an issue here so you probably need to scoop fast. Once serves, you may separate the kids and let them sit on tables with their favorite candy toppings.



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Roberta Oddati

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