How do we differentiate ice cream from sorbet and frozen yogurt?

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Are you one of those people who rely on sweets, or ice cream, after a long, stressful day? Or do you just enjoy ice cream on a hot, summer day? Either way, ice cream lovers just love to eat ice cream because of the excitement and good moments it brings. But as the world evolves, so do ice cream alternatives, such as sorbet and frozen yogurt. So how do we differentiate ice cream from sorbet and frozen yogurt? Read on to find out.



But first, ICE CREAM! In order to differentiate the three, let us first talk about good ol’ ice cream and what it is made of. It is a frozen dessert made from a combination of dairy which contains approximately 10% milkfat. It is a mixture of milk, sugar, cream and sometimes other ingredients like fruits and nuts to add flavor and texture. Then it is frozen into a soft, creamy delight and served on high quality colorful cups that is enjoyed among people from all over the world.


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One major difference between sorbet from ice cream and yogurt is that, it does not contain any dairy. So if you’re vegan, on a diet, trying to lose weight or are just allergic to dairy, then sorbet is the best frozen delight for you. This dessert contains only fruit and sugar and is also churned into an ice cream maker. The down side is of course since it's dairy-free, it's less creamy as well. 


And now for the frozen yogurt, who doesn't love this special dessert? Frozen yogurt is also known as froyo or frogurt. It is loved by many not just for its unique name but also because of its flavor that seems to be one of a kind. So how is it different from ice cream and sorbet? Simple. Instead of the cream that is heavily incorporated into ice cream, frozen yogurt uses yogurt instead of cream. As a result, the milkfat content is reduced compared to the 10% found in ice cream.  Its consistency is like soft-serve ice cream and some yogurts have this fruity, tangy bite.


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So there you go folks, you may choose ice cream if you want its creamy, fluffy feels, opt for frozen yogurt if you want that smooth texture and tangy flavor or go dairy-free and choose sorbet. The choice is yours, enjoy your frozen treat!



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Roberta Oddati

Written by Roberta Oddati

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