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Who woudn't want to have their first taste of gelato in Italy? From the first memorable taste of genuine gelato, most people might want to bring home that fresh, flavorful dessert back to their homes and make delicous gelato at home. Nothing beats enjoying a frozen cup of gelato to soothe the extreme summer heat. Here are a few fun facts about gelato that you may not know.



1. The Italian word “Gelato” literally means frozen

In the language of Italians, the term congelato means frozen, and the term congelare means 'to freeze' in English. Quite very often, gelato is misguidedly defined as the Italian word for ice cream. In spite of their obvious similarities, the difference between gelato and ice cream varies in the different composition and nutritional value.



2. The very first Gelateria in Paris was opened by a Sicilian Fisherman

During the year 1686, a Sicilian fisherman named Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli, produced the first gelato maker. Café Procope was the name of the gelato café that he opened in Paris. It sold gelato and coffee to tourists and natives of Paris, including literary icons such as Voltaire and Rousseau. Café Procope still exists up to this time and it is is still very much open to serve you in case you travel to Paris.




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3. Gelato has less fat content which makes it more flavorful than ice cream

Statistics show that on an average consumption, a 3.5-ounce serving of vanilla gelato contains 90 calories, 3 grams of fat and 10 grams of sugar. Compared to a typical 3.5-ounce serving of vanilla ice cream, which contains 125 calories, 7 grams of fat and 14 grams of sugar. Since the fat content in gelato is lower than that in ice cream, your palate may feel overwhelmed by the rich flavors that it offers. Because of this, it is not required for gelato to use as much sugar as compared to ice cream to create its sweet flavor.



4. Its warm temperature makes it more savory

One of the differences between ice cream and gelato is the storage temperature. Gelato should be stored in a warmer temperature than ice cream. The suggest storage temperature for ice cream is ideally between 0 and 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Gelato, on the other hand should be stored between 7 and 15 degrees Fahrenheit. The warmer storage temperature makes the consistency of gelato softer, silkier and more appealing to the taste buds because it is not heavily numbed by too much coldness.



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5. Avoid scooped gelato

We know you want to find the best gelato in town. So if you are in search for original gelato, avoid buying from a gelateria which uses ice cream scoops. Ideally, gelato must be gathered up with a spade or paddle. The surface of a spade or paddle is flat and is a better fit to gently scoop up your gelato. It does not only allow you to work the gelato smoothly to make it softer but it also encourages an artistic touch upon serving, such as this beautiful flower shapped gelato.



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Roberta Oddati

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