The Best Marketing Tips for Your Catering Business

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Roberta Oddati


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The food industry can be a lucrative business especially when setting up your own catering service. The catering business has been experiencing an increasingly steady boom in popularity. People want the next big thing in their culinary indulgence, especially when they can share and brag about it online. It’s a simple business, but it has a fiercely competitive environment. Most times, you won’t even be the first one to set up a successful catering business. There will already have been others before you and even those that enter the same time with you. Everyone wants to be the best catering service out there and be the one on top of all the others. The challenge is knowing what you can do to stand out from other catering businesses. Your food could be the best there is. This is why you should know the best tips to help boost your business and increase your reach as a brand.  



Getting Intimate

The top factor to consider when reaching growth and success for your business is your customer-base. They are the backbone of your whole operation and they are the ones that can actually impact the level of your service. This is why connecting with as many people as you can is crucial. If you’ve just recently open, your best form of advertisement is word of mouth. The more impressed customers that you have, the more people that they can also pull in to your catering business. The idea here is trying to reach as many people as you can to get the most exposure for your brand. There are a lot of ways to do this, like setting sampler food and food tastings from your menu so that people will get an idea of what you can offer. Your method of getting personal with your customer is within your own discretion as long as it does produce the best results. 

Social Media

We live in an age of digital expression wherein everyone and everything is already online. This is why you should set up your own online presence. You can start this by creating your lead generating website. This will be your online headquarters, where you can do the most exposure and planning for your brand. A good website is only the first step as you also need a strong social media presence. The best thing about social media is they will do the job for you, but only when you do it right. People will often prefer to post delicious and aesthetic food so they can share their own experiences with friends and even brag a little about it. We are all social beings in essence and food is a topic everyone can agree on. The best you can hope for is that your catering service turns viral and becomes something that a lot of people talk about, post, and even indulge in. 



We all know what word of mouth can do and how fast it can spread like wildfire. There are also people with a lot of online followers and a strong social media presence. These are influencers and their words have a lot of weight, especially when they already have a massive social media following. This is why collaborating with one of these people can be a big help to growing your catering business. Their followers are an easy gateway to getting them interested and even following you and your catering business.





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Roberta Oddati

Written by Roberta Oddati

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