How Food Tastings Can Boost Your Catering Business

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When starting a catering business or even looking for ways to increase your revenue, tastings are one of the most effective ways to showcase what you have to offer. What are food tastings? It’s a social event that allows potential customers examine and evaluate the assortment of food that you can provide. This can help distinguish yourself from the competition and help customers better understand your company. Read our blog below to learn how food tastings can boost your catering business.




Always plan ahead when and where your tastings are going to be so that guests will have enough time to arrive. The best clients are the ones who are most closely related to catering services like wedding planners, bridal shops and even high-end community clubs. You should also be sure to include market influencers and advertisers. Your aim is to spread the word on how good your food is. A solid schedule eliminates any confusion and doubt and lessens the risk of guests not showing up at all.






The Setup

First impressions in catering matter, and the idea that only your food itself can make an impact is good. However, you’re there to make a pitch and let customers be informed as much as possible about your services and who you are as a brand. The tasting should be able to persuade guests to come back as long time customers. These are some of the things you should considering bringing:



Contingency Plans

No matter how persuasive and well planned your tasting event may be, you should always expect no shows, or only a few people show up, or maybe none of your guests decide to come at all. This may possibly be due to the weather, transportation issues, last minute events, or bad advertising. No matter what the reason is, you should be prepared if this ever that happens. One simple way is to ask your guests if they are coming or not a day before your event to help avoid missed chances. 




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Roberta Oddati

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