5 Ways to Treat Your Customers in Your Ice Cream Shop

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Roberta Oddati


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Everyone walking in to your ice cream shops most likely loves ice cream, however, it's also important to exceed customers’ expectations. Ice cream shops cannot thrive with a strong menu and marketing plan. Here are a few ideas for new products and marketing ideas that can help any ice cream shop keep customers coming back and also attract new customers.



1. Be Basic and Flavorful

The basic flavors like vanilla, chocolate, cookies ‘n cream, and mint chocolate chip should be a staple in your ice cream shop. You should take this information to heart and offer basic and unique ice cream flavors. With this, you can tap a wider reach. Flavors like bubble gum, cotton candy, and blue goo can appeal to the youngest customers while more classic flavors like butter pecan and chocolate swirl satisfy more experienced customers’ taste buds.

Don't get overwhelmed with the number of flavors you need to curate. It does not require a large investment in ice cream machines. Modern ice cream machines can provide multiple flavors without taking up too much space or requiring a ton of maintenance. The trick is to find a good and durable ice cream machine.


2. Sandwich Customer Favorites

Aside from ice cream, it is also important to have some takeout food. One of the takeout or eat-in favorites is ice cream sandwiches. This can be basic flavors like vanilla ice cream and chocolate chip cookies or as over-the-top as customers want like chocolate cookies, sprinkles, chocolate chips, and a whole lot more. These treats are beneficial for the business as they are fairly easy to store and freeze for easy sales.


3. Make Creative New Sundaes

Ice cream sundaes are a classic ice cream shop dish that is why this is the perfect avenue for innovation. New sundae flavors are perfect for adventurous customers who love new dishes and customers with a huge sweet tooth who loves toppings.

Another option is to combine it into a delicious takeout favorite: the shake. Plus, it is also easy to offer with the right commercial ice cream equipment.


4. Showcase that Tasty Creativity.

With the right marketing, new products can become appealing to your customers. You can put eye-catching signs at the counter, on menu boards, on your website, and on your social media. You can also incorporate fun promotions and marketing campaigns, like scheduling it at a certain time of the year. You can offer unique flavors to increase customer loyalty and profit margin. You can also offer creative ice cream flavors as part of a meal plan that celebrates a holiday or community team.


5. Take Customer Suggestions

This is just as important as marketing campaigns because this is direct and authentic feedback from your customers. If customers rave over a particular flavor or dish, it might be a good idea to offer that flavor again to draw in your loyal customers to buy from your shop.

You can also set up a suggestion box for your ice cream shop or run a contest. Making it a fun interaction will attract customers to share their ideas and suggestions with you.




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Roberta Oddati

Written by Roberta Oddati

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