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The holiday season is here! What better way to celebrate the Christmas cheer than to choose for food that will keep us warm during this cold, winter season.




It is no secret that winter is finally here! Time to bring out your winter coats, mittens and bonnets to make sure you keep yourselves warm during the winter days. But did you know that these are not the only things that could keep us warm during this chilling season? We can also prepare desserts that will not only warm our bodies but will warm our hearts as well. You will surely enjoy these desserts with your whole family.

Below are the 4 delicious desserts for the winter season that you can choose from if ever you are looking for something to whip up during the holidays. It’s unique and easy to make, so don't waste another minute and read on.


Apply Cranberry Oat Crumble

This is a classic dessert and is undeniably one for the books. It is made of warm apples and cranberries baked to perfection. You can top it off with a crunchy oats to add an extra texture to it. Remember that you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to make it and the best part is you can make batches of it to feed a large group during your holiday parties or family gatherings.


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Pear and Dried Cherry Crisp

The Pear and Dried Cherry Crisp is definitely a jewel because of the tart dried cherries that adds so much flavor to its crispy crust. The cherries are like the glimmering star that we put on top of our Christmas trees, which puts together the entire dish. It is plopped into a citrus-scented, sweetened, caramelized syrup before it's baked, which exudes its special aroma that is sure to keep your hearts and stomachs warm for this season.

Strawberry and Rhubarb Crisp

This is another no-brainer dessert. All you have to do is bake the strawberries and top it with rhubarb crisp and make sure to serve it warm. You can make it extra special by serving it with a scoop of ice cream and watch as it gently melts with the warmth of the rhubarb crisp. Don't forget to impress all your guest by serving your delicious creations in a high quality dessert cup!


Apple Pecan Crisp

Another classic favorite! What's to love about this recipe? It’s so easy to make and it will make you think that anyone can bake it. Watch as the warm, baked apples bathe in its sweet, juicy, syrup. All of that sweetness overload gently neutralized by its fruity smell. And it does not stop there. It is carefully topped with oat-pecan streusel, keeping that original texture to pair the warm apples. Definitely something you should consider adding to your menu this 2017 holiday seaon. 





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Roberta Oddati

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