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Using Biodegradable Cups at Your Ice Cream Shop 

Whether you’re an ice cream or gelato lover, you have to admit that it's not just all about the ice cream, but a lot has to do with the cups. This is the reason Alcas creates high quality gelato cups to turn your ordinary ice cream into something extraordinary. Learn more on why using biodegradable cups at your ice cream shop is a win-win situation.



Love Ice Cream, Love Nature

Nowdays, ice cream and gelato shop owners are looking for better options to look out for the environment, which also helps expose their business to the market. In short, a container that is attractively biodegradable is the perfect option. Single portion containers for ice cream are now available at Alcas.

Alcas offers biodegrable cups, containers, trays, and spoons. Our large variety of biodegrable items not only helps the environment, but it helps your business stand out from the crowd.




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BioHappy is our first line of biodegrable items made of bio-plastic coming from corn. This material is very innovative and more ecological than paper, more transparent than glass and as flexible and resistant as plastic.

At first glance, you may think the material being used for these containers are not helping the environment. Think again. These high quality ice cream cups are made from plant, it's a container that comes from nature and goes back to nature as it decays. 


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Roberta Oddati

Written by Roberta Oddati

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