How Biodegradable Products can help the environment

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BioHappy is the first line of environmental friendly products for ice cream and gelato shops. These products are more ecological than paper, and more transparent than glass and as flexible and resistant as plastic. Today, the United States is the country that generates the most waste in the world. According to the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) in 2013, 254 million tons of trash was generated in the U.S, that's more than ever before. However, BioHappy is 100% biodegradable, which one means one thing: no more waste. Read below to learn how biodegradable products can help the environment.


Alca's BioHappy product lines are cups made from plastic polymer derived from corn. They are completely biodegradable (PLA), and are made by an innovative and ecological material, maize bio-plastic.




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Alcas teamed up with Nature Work, to create a product that will not only help business owers, but also the environment.

Alcas offers the following biodegradable items:

  • Bio Ice-Cream Tub
  • BioGlasses
  • BioHappy Ice Cream Spoons


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Nourish the Soil

Many ice cream and gelato shop owners take advantage of low wholesale prices, and purchase plastic take-out containers that contain materials that harms the environment. Styrofoam and toxic plastics are some of the common materials being used to produce cups and take-out containers. Not only is the environement affected, but humans are greatly affected too. These are the containers that bring pollution to the air and toxic as you breathe. 






Organic is growing in popularity. From food to make up, and now you can purchase biodegradable cups, spoons, and take-out containers that can help the environement. Composting these containers as they are being processed into a natural breakdown of the organic materials being used is another great way to help. This turns the ground into high quality soil. When you have healthy oil, it can provide enough nourishment to help the plants grow. 



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Roberta Oddati

Written by Roberta Oddati

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