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Alcas brings pastry decoration to a whole new level! With our newest collection, the classic gold and black tray assortment, you will truly never go wrong with these beauties. The gold collection is made with exclusive materials, intricate design and utmost elegance. Aside from sticking to their classic peg, Alcas will surprise you with its innovate and high quality Italian product selection. 


Alcas presents its black collection, this is the company’s way of allowing our customers to experience other possibilities in the world of pastry creation and try something outside their comfort zone. This collection is something modern and edgy for the millennial market with a wide variety of trays to choose from. Ranging from clear trays to colored ones, there are a lot more of designs to choose from. Just take your pick of these high quality trays for catering!



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First among the list is the Kado tray. What makes this tray unique is its functional lid which will allow your guests to take out delicately-decorated pastries while preserving its design. It can also be used for individual portion cakes without having the fuss to find a container which will commonly be too large or chunky for portion sizes. This design comes in 6 different sizes and it is the perfect solution for take-outs and may even be used in creating gifts this holiday season. Find yours now!


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Second in the collection is the Medoro Cake slice box. It is perfect to be used for storing or taking individually-sliced cakes to go. It is not only ideal for take-outs but may also be used for gifts, especially for individual portion slices. With its elegant gold design, functionality and strong resistance, this is indeed an essential packaging solution that you need for a successful catering event.


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Third in the list of this impeccable collection is the Medoro tray which is a basic need for your catering company! It comes in a round design with scalloped trimmings, which is also available in a rectangular form. You can also opt for the Medoro tray that comes with a lid in case you a looking for a packaging tool for take outs. It has a beautiful gold design which will make your pastry design experience a whole lot of fun. If you like the idea of Medoro trays but find the sizes too big, don’t worry. Alcas also offers a mini version, the mini Medoro tray collection. It comes in octagonal and round sizes which is perfect for storing small desserts and sweets as well. And if you think that having the Medoro tray in different sizes is cool enough, wait, there’s more. The Medoro tray collection also comes in black. For those of you who like to modernize your pastry creations, this design is particularly for you. 


Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 3.48.08 PM.png



All of these tray designs were carefully thought of to serve as the perfect packaging solution for you, whether at home or at your business. Get yours now!



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Roberta Oddati

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