Tips to Help Caterers Improve Their Social Media Presence

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Social media has become a huge marketing tool for companies, especially for catering companies. Nowadays, having a great social media presence will help increase your event booking. It is also a great place to advertise any public events that showcase your offerings in catering and event planning.



The best part of advertising through social media is that it's free. You can literally create your page in seconds and work on improving your reach.


Here are some ways to build a social media strategy for catering sales:


  1. Performance is primary.

When it comes to the services industry, an online review is important because customers use this as a basis. Thus, it is important to ensure that your service is impeccable and that your product or service is worthy of praise.

On the other hand, see customer complaints as customer service opportunities and gifts to help you improve. Customer reviews are created instantly with the use of smartphone apps. Do the best you can to provide a customer with an experience that warrants an excellent review.


  1. Use social media to build an online presence.

It is ideal to have a person dedicated to creating your social media presence since there are a handful of likes like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to develop relationships and content for. However, if this is not possible, you can also reach out to local media to help tell your story and use their influence to keep things moving while you build your social media presence.


  1. Monitor your social media.

Building social media is not enough. It is also necessary to monitor the numbers so you can assess whether what you are doing has an impact on your catering company. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important to know when working on the internet. Monitor whether or not your involvement in social media is making a difference to your bottom line. When you run promotions, what is your return? You should be able to know that by tracking.


  1. Get creative with the comment card.

The classic paper comment card is going by the wayside. More people are using mobile devices now and paper cards are not netting results. Some restaurants are getting creative now and are bringing mobile devices to get betting responses. You can also build a recognition or incentive program to increase customer loyalty.

To improve services, some catering companies hold a staff meeting after every event to discuss the reviews of the clients and their inputs on the event as well. This will allow them to know where they could use improvement and make changes where it is needed.


  1. Stay current.

Managing your message and promotions includes making them relevant and engaging. Assign someone to pull those stories daily that will enhance your efforts and post them. Track your comments and address them daily as much as possible. Use the negative comments as an opportunity to show your gratitude that someone would take the time to make you better and tell them how you are going to make things better.





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Roberta Oddati

Written by Roberta Oddati

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