The Best Catering Trends This 2019

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Roberta Oddati


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The year has just begun and the challenge for your right now is how you can stay ahead of the competition with your catering business. The fact is that people’s preferences eventually change. The goal here is to stay ahead of the times but also to understand who your future customers will be and how you can fulfill their demands. This is why we have compiled our insights and predictions for the catering business, especially with trends that have a high chance to boom.



Vegetarianism Boom

The fact is that a lot more people are opting to go green and vegetarians are rapidly growing into a norm. People are now more aware about what they put in their bodies and even consider counting calories and following diets. Vegetarian options have always been there but it has not always been in the spotlight. Restaurants and catering services are now more challenged on how they can go about incorporating more vegetables to their menus.




Dining-in and Dining-out

With how everything can be purchased by just a click of a button, the popular option would be to laze around at home and just opt to dine-in. Most catering establishments have given more focus and value to homemade meals, but this was last year’s trend. People are now gradually understanding the value of dining-out even for just one night per week. It’s not just all about the food, but about the whole dining experience. There is something more special about dressing up, meeting friends and dining-out with them. What made most restaurants successful was not just the food, but the whole experience of it all. We are social beings and no matter how lazy we get in looking for food, we will still also crave to eat with someone rather than being alone.



A Bug’s Life

Asian countries have become a destination for exotic foods, especially countries like Thailand. The Thai local cuisine has a lot of unique and exotic foods but nothing is as popular as their insect cuisine. This whole insect craze spawned out of necessity as most rural places didn’t have a lot of food to go around, so they reached for anything that can feed their hunger. This may soon become a reality to a lot of more restaurants out there. Food costs continues to rise significantly and chefs are struggling to find a good source of protein. Thailand may actually be doing it right. It’s a very practical means of food. Necessity and demand will often lead to drastic changes and we may see sooner than expected, a plethora of bugs to eat.


Tea Up

The British may have been the center for tea drinkers for decades already, but it may become a norm of its own as well. Tea is not a new trend as it has been always there and is even as old as coffee through time. It is how people see and treat tea as a whole. There has been a surge of tea consumption and steadily rising. Coffee is a staple and has been a top choice of pick-me-up beverages but tea has surprisingly caught up with its popularity. We may even soon see tea specialized shops and cafes.




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Roberta Oddati

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