How to Increase Ice Cream and Gelato Sales This Summer

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Summer is the best time of the year for picnics, beach getaways and delicious frozen desserts! You know this is good news for your gelato or ice cream business because during this time, ice cream and gelato are people’s favorite desserts to eat. Your sales will surely increase this season, but what if you can increase it even more?



Most people love something new and different. This summer, why not try to be inventive with your ice cream and gelato products? You can start with these three below.


Make a healthier product

Try to introduce a delicious health treat this time by offering lower calorie, higher protein versions of ice cream and gelato flavors. Mix them with smoothies that are made from fresh fruits. You can also use the healthiest fruits as your main ingredient like avocado, mango, sweet corn, banana and coconut.

In order to let the people know your new creative offers, advertise your products and their nutritious facts. Also, include an offer for various serving sizes. Many people today are health conscious and doing this new gig helps them stick to their healthy goals while not abandoning their sweet cravings. Don't forget to serve it all in one of Alcas' multicolored ice cream cups.


Introduce new flavors

It's all about the best summer flavors! Flavors have the power to bring back memories. Have you ever tasted a flavor that reminded you of something important in your past? If you do, then we’re on the same boat here. That’s how flavors work, and you can utilize that to captivate your customers. Create a new flavor that will remind customers of their childhood summer. Combine different flavors or add new ingredients to make it even better. Use one of our Gelato Take Away containers to showcase your delicious new flavors to your clients. 

If you can’t think of a new idea, you can seek inspirations from traditional local foods. It’s actually the old flavors that remind us of the past. So try to mix this traditional taste to your new invention. Give your customers a nostalgic feeling and you will more likely see them coming back for more.


Create some impulse buying option

In-line impulse options are things that are seen on the point-of-sale machine. They are displayed there as a marketing strategy. On the other hand, impulse purchases are unplanned decisions to buy a product or service. When someone buys this kind of product, that person who bought it had an impulse to buy it – possibly because of its unique design and presentation. 

Impulse sales are also a key to increase ice cream and gelato sales this summer. Even if a customer comes in your shop but does not buy any of your products, your impulse options can add to your sales since they are irresistible to your customers’ eyes.

Take this opportunity to maximize your sales. There are certainly more other ways to do this – all we need to do is to be more creative, think out of the box, and not be afraid to take risks. Don’t just be satisfied with your current sales, always strive for more. If you have suggestions and if there’s something you would like to add on the list above, don’t be shy to share it with us on the comment section below.



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Roberta Oddati

Written by Roberta Oddati

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