Make Your Ice Cream Shop Stand Out: Customizable Ice Cream Containers

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Roberta Oddati


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We were born in the age of ice cream of all different colors and sizes. Until we came to meet ice cream on cups and came along these various kinds of ice cream containers. But the real challenge here now is… how to make it your own. Worry no more because Alcas has got you covered!



Alcas has come a long long way in the catering and ice cream industry. Innovation is always part of our process because this is what turns your “good” into “better” and eventually helps you reach your “best”. At Alcas, we have always made sure that our products are of great quality, environmental friendly, and in today’s generation, it’s a plus point when everything is “instagram worthy”. With Alcas’ customizable items for gelato and pastries, you can definitely make your ice cream shop stand out from the rest!


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Alcas will serve as your supplier of these containers and we'll make your vision of customized plastic containers into reality. Our product line, Typo, allows you to choose whatever design you want for your ice cream container. Typo will provide you with templates that will showcase the overall theme or concept of your ice cream business as a whole, may it be modern or classic, and to the most playful design. To be recognized, you have to show off  your brand, either with your brand name or logo. Your ice cream containers will carry your business across anywhere!


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Typo will also help you make an ice cream container seem like more than what it is. Think of something that will interest your consumer, maybe put some gimmick or entertainment factor. Spice up your container as creative as you could get because this is how people will see you, this will be your face to the public … make it appealing!


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There are customizable labels available as well, with clear and gold base to choose from and text colors available in red, blue, green, black, and gold. For customized packaging, Alcas offers you a flow-pack or shrink-wrapped packaging that can be customized with the graphic design or labels suitable for your business needs. As ice cream cups were so last year, Alcas also came up with customizable ice cream bags which are way more convenient to use.




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Roberta Oddati

Written by Roberta Oddati

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