How to Properly Design Your Ice Cream Shop

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Roberta Oddati


How to Properly Design Your Ice Cream Shop


There’s nothing more nostalgic than reminiscing about your childhood than an ice cream store. The feeling of selecting your preferred flavor for the day, and ultimately that first bite of cold sweetness, is one of the best parts about summer! Honestly, anyone can make decent ice cream but what can set you apart is how you can catch customer's interest and invite them to try your sweet creations.






The first thing you have to know so you at least don’t feel like you’re in the dark is to visit the competition. This means knowing how they layout their shops and take note of what set them apart from other shops. You should also know the common features each one has and determine what you did and didn’t like from each. The common features usually include freezers, drink machines, seats, counters, shelving and more. If you want your ice cream shop to stand out from the rest, you should have a concrete picture of what you want so planning and building won’t be too much of a hassle.



Layout and Planning

Your store should have a theme of its own to distinguish yourself from the rest. Start your planning by thoroughly measuring the area of your store. This will ensure nothing is lacking and all the planned appliances and furniture will fit to the standards you want. Changing and re-adjusting will cost you more than just planning well the first time. The freezer should be the first of your concerns as it’s the bulkiest machine you have. You should position it in a way that’s easily recognizable from the outside so customers can see it right away. You should also have your colorful cups and spoons for ice cream visible to your guests. The counters and tables should also be adequately spaced and placed well. The last thing you want is frustrated customers that bump into each other because there isn’t enough space. Finally, identify the ice cream equipment  that you’ll be using in your shop. Things like a microwave, shelving, ice cream cone racks and etc. it should look organized rather than chaotic.




It wouldn’t hurt to decorate your shop further with artworks, poster or pictures. A pleasing color scheme can also help. You shouldn’t go overboard and set everything to a theme rather than randomly putting decorations just because you like that painting. 




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Roberta Oddati

Written by Roberta Oddati

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