Top 5 Fall Catering Trends

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As the peak of the fall season approaches, people get excited with all the new autumn decorations, flavors, colors, and themes. This is a perfect time of the year where people come together with their loved ones and friends to celebrate a certain milestone in their lives. Knowing all of these things, it's important to be aware with the new fall catering trends that you should keep in mind when planning or hosting an event during the fall season.



Learn the top five catering trends that you can use during the fall season:

  1. Cozy Appetizers and Starters

The weather during this season is usually a lot cooler, so it's suggested to skip the light summer salad and choose a hearty and warm appetizer. You can start with roasted corn and crab bisque as an appetizer to warm up your guests. Additionally, you can also incorporate seasonal ingredients like nuts, pumpkin seeds, figs, and squash. This can make the event more personalized because these ingredients are not available all year long.

  1. Food and Wine Pairings

Fall brings a lot of new flavors, food and wine pairings, so it's best to use this to impress your guests. Pumpkins and Viognier or barrel-aged port can be a good pair. Other examples would be Sauternes, figs with Tawny Porto, apples with Gewürztraminer or Vouvray and wild game with red Bordeaux, Barbaresco or Barolo. You can also serve smaller portions of your pairings to allow your guests to enjoy each pair and still want dessert.

When it comes to entrees, it's best to incorporate the cozy classics such as roasted chicken, rack of lamb, filet, and Shepherd’s Pie. After selecting the main dish, opt for seasonal vegetables for the garnishes and sides such as mushrooms, carrots, and gourds.



  1. Creative Venue

Fall is a special time of the year mainly because it's possible to host your event in both indoors and outdoors. However, whatever you choose, they are a bunch of fall-inspired options available. You can decorate with jewel tones and floral out to bring out the rich fall colors. You can also provide cozy-seating options like couches and chairs with pillows to have a mix of cool autumn tones.

  1. Delectable Desserts

Desserts can be an opportunity to showcase the sweet flavors of fall. What better way to showcase them than with colorful cups and spoons? You can create a dessert trio to give the guests a variety of options. Desserts like ginger spice cookies, coffee cake, caramel apples, and apple pie are suitable examples for the fall season.

  1. Interactive Table

One of the rising strategy that can be done during the fall season is farm-to-table food. You can include an interactive demo or a display to attract guests out of their seats. This is also a perfect time for friends and relatives to come together to eat and celebrate. 




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Roberta Oddati

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