Environment-Friendly Items for A Successful Catering Business

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Roberta Oddati


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With how much effort we put into making our business flourish and succeed, we tend to forget what’s really important and we also miss the chance for something better. We often don’t consider the carbon footprint that we create with our waste and how it affects the earth for the long run. As people are becoming more and more informed and aware of the condition of our earth, they are gradually considering to change their lifestyles into a more environment-friendly one.



This is where BioHappy can help you. Alcas has created the first line of ecological products not just gelato and pastry shops, but also any business that needs containers. The material used to create our products is a form of biodegradable plastic that comes from a common produce, which is corn.


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Since there is a more abundant supply of corn compared to the typical plastic, it's easier and even cheaper to produce. It is a natural produce from nature so it is completely biodegradable. This means it creates less waste for the earth. Unlike other container brands, we have perfected the production of a completely environment-friendly line of products. We have done the research and meticulously crafted containers that aren’t just ecologically safe, but also stylishly designed.


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Another feature with our products is its ability to turn into compose. We know a lot of other container brands have previously created their own line of environment-friendly products, but we decided to go further and thought about how we can help make mother nature better. Not only can our products quickly break down into pieces and convert into carbon dioxide and water, it can also help in the growth of most plant life. This way, we not only provide you with a chick line of products but we also give back to mother nature in the end.


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Roberta Oddati

Written by Roberta Oddati

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