BioHappy: The First line of Eco Friendly Products for Gelato and Pastry Shops

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Roberta Oddati


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Has it always been a struggle to be pro-green? We understand -- it's more convenient to use plastic spoons, plastic cups, styrofoam utensils and a lot more non-environmental friendly products. But are you seeing how unhappy our nature currently is? - Cities are being flooded, earthquakes are happening here and there, landslides and other natural disasters, not to mention the endangered species and all living animals that are being poisoned and harmed because of people’s lack of awareness --- we're all too busy to even properly dispose of our garbage.




One of the challenges brought about by the pro-green campaign is the fact that we are surrounded by too many non-biodegradable materials that we conveniently use in our everyday lives. From supermarkets and department stores to plastic using fast food chains.




On a brighter side, there are circulating news that pro-green campaigns are getting a lot of support around the world – starting off with its no plastic straw campaign, classes strike being held to call the attention of government members to act on the issue, tree planting activities, coastal clean ups and now introducing, Bio-Happy!




Bio-Happy includes products made of bio-plastics from corn. It paved way to the first line of environment friendly products for gelato and pastry shops. Compared to paper, this material is more ecological, more transparent than glass and as flexible and resistant as plastic. Another advantage of Bio-Happy is that it doesn’t need resources which are difficult to find and renew, like trees and oil. These products are 100% biodegradable, it results to zero waste and definitely a great way to preserve our environment. Bio-Happy Collection includes, Bio cups, Bio mixing cups, Bio ice cream spoon, Bio Round Mini Tray, Bio straws, and Bio glasses.


Bio-Happy products are known to be compostable - which means that it disintegrates naturally. A proof to their statement, “It comes from nature, it goes back to nature.” No fear of these products being improperly disposed on lawns because this material has the ability to turn itself into compost which can help in the growth of plants and trees in the form of fertilizers – a return to nature with which closes the cycle of Bio-Happy process.




Having a well cultured and protected environment radiates joy to people and somehow heightens our standard of an environment friendly lifestyle. If one person can do so much, just imagine the change we can create if we work hand in hand in bringing back the planet we deserve to live in. It may take some time, it may take a lot of hard work but isn’t it nice to prepare a greener world for the future generations? We think it will be worth it.


Bio-Happy is doing a pretty great contribution in this mission of rebuilding our planet. How about you? Are you ready to take on the challenge?






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Roberta Oddati

Written by Roberta Oddati

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