Best Ice Cream Combos to Make At Home This Summer

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Ice cream is no longer limited to 31 flavors. Nowadays there are delicious ice cream combos taking the lead. Well, everyone still loves the classic Double Dutch and Cookies ‘n’ Cream but to make life worth more living for ice cream lovers, here are the best ice cream combos to make at home this summer!



Breakfast Ice Cream
Nothing beats bacon and waffles for breakfast but hey, what could be more enticing than placing an ice cream as toppings? Sweet and salty, that’s just heaven


Brown Butter Cherry Ice Cream

Brown butter is just the perfect ingredient for ice cream and that nutty taste mixed with cherry flavor creates a magnificent ice cream combo.


Movie Night Ice Cream

What’s summer without movie nights with your friends and family? Instead of separating the popcorn, why not pour everything in a single ice cream? Here’s to a buttered popcorn ice cream with chocolate fillings to enjoy your summer night


Honey Goat Cheese Ice Cream

It seems like vanilla and chocolate combo is starting to get plain in your taste buds. Try this recipe for a greater foodie experience.


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Beer and Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Ice Cream
You fell in love with pretzels because of its sweet and salty flavor, but pairing it with a dark beer flavored ice cream just brings out a new glorious flavor.


Toasted Marshmallow Ice Cream with Fudge + Graham Swirl
This is a good recipe to add into your list of s’mores for this summer season.

Salted Nutella Ice Cream
Today, you see people mixing Nutella in about everything, and everything includes ice cream too.

Apricot Pistachio Ice Cream
Many ice cream lovers testified that pistachio ice cream tastes heavenly, so if you haven’t tried that yet, get on it! Add tangy apricots that have been soaked in white wine. Experience a blasting flavor.

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Strawberry Sour Ice Cream

It’s already proven that the combination of strawberries and whipped cream is magnificent. Do a little twist by replacing whipped cream with sour cream and experience a flavorful treat.


Horchata Ice Cream

Whenever you hear the Mexican drink horchata, you'll remember that it tastes like cinnamon, cream and grain. Not much is different in the ice cream form only that it is slightly colder.


Blueberry Buttermilk Ice Cream

It’s safe to say that pancakes would be a bit envious of blueberries and buttermilk’s new best friend.


Sangria Ice Cream

Everyone’s favorite summer cocktail now takes the form of an ice cream. Are you thinking of alcohol? Well, this ice cream has wine too, but in spirit only. 


Ancho Chile + Cacao Nib Ice Cream

Does too much sweetness scare you? If it does, try this unconventional ice cream combo.


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Chai Affogato with Honey-Sweetened Coconut Ice Cream

This ice cream is a mix of cinnamon chai tea and sweet nutty ice cream. It’s a flavor you’ve never tasted before.


It’s time to experience new ice cream flavors this summer. You don’t need to go around hunting for ice cream stores just to have a new chill experience. These homemade ice cream combos will be very helpful!


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