The Best Catering Event Trends in 2020

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Roberta Oddati


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The popularity of catering continues to rise, so be preferred to add options for most galas, parties and gatherings. Most people think of food as simply an indulgence for the body, but it’s actually something more. It’s a way for some people to express their thoughts and feelings, and it can even be a way to bridge connections, especially during events. Food also creates a way for people to share their culinary experiences. This is also the reason that people’s tastebuds have also kept changing and evolving. Nowadays, people want to find new ingredients and the latest cultural trends for their curiosity. They prefer to be the first one to experience a new culinary cuisine. 



With all these new trends and styles that continue to advance and shift with the times, it can be a challenge for any catering business. This is why you should also be aware of the latest innovations that will make your catering business a success in 2020.


Hearty Menus

In the recent years, people have become aware of their health and overall well-being. This means that consumers are now leaning more to meals that have a lot of health benefits, while also being delicious. This makes menu and meal prepping that more important than ever before. Your catering menu doesn’t need to do a complete overhaul but you should at least consider improving it to having healthier and even vegan options for the health-conscious clients. These are preferences that are becoming more and more apparent as people have become more aware of the negative effects of over indulging in food and the great benefits of actually considering healthier options. A great menu will often leave a mark on your customers and can even make a difference on them.




Local Liquors

We want your catering event to be a success, and most of the time we tend to opt for drinks that are top of the line and recognizable to everyone. Popular drinks are safe and will get you good results but there are better alternatives out there. With the trend of people wanting to experience the best that the culinary world has to offer, a lot of local breweries are  everywhere and most of them are actually good. Locally made drinks will feel closer to home and are cheaper to produce.. They can be personalized to fit preferences of a customer and has a lot of options compared to the popular brands.



Tea Treats

The beverage options also shouldn’t just be limited to liquor. With how health-conscious people are becoming, there should also be better options for your customers’ drinks. Tea is one of the most underrated drinks and is just starting to become a trend. It is a drink with a lot of benefits and even a lot of options on how you can serve it. People will be happier to experience a drink that provides a healthier and better option




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Roberta Oddati

Written by Roberta Oddati

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