10 Best Gelato Combos and Where to Find Them

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Roberta Oddati

10 best gelato combos and where to find them


The search for the best gelato combo is finally over. After indulging to all sorts of flavors of gelato, knowing a few good flavors to pair with would definitely take your ultimate gelato experience to the next level. Vegan, gluten free, and organic are also a few flavors that has no dietary restrictions, so there’s no limitations when it comes to widening your gelato horizons.


There are a few tricks in finding the best (and healthiest ) gelateria. But watch out for a few things: gelato that has vibrant colors are most likely mass produced and are added high amounts of artificial coloringsmint gelato should be white and not green. 

Don’t be scared to try out even the smallest gelateria just around the corner. One example is Eduardo’s Gelato, located in Duomo, Florence. They serve their gelatos in tin bins. It has no artificial colors and just pure and organic flavors. You also have a choice with their vegan options and some other unique flavors. A few of these are red wine sorbet, dark chocolates and carrots, and fresh eggs. FRESH EGGS? Yes exactly.

So after a few test tastes and more walks to burn off the gelatos, we give a list of the 10 best gelato combos and where to find them.

1) Chocolate and Coconut

This combo is like a Mounds bar but creamy and cold. This is made with fresh and rich flavor that will bring your island beach memories back to life.

2) Chocolate, Hazelnut, and Cinnamon

This is essentially a scoop of Nutella with a rush of real cinnamon. It's so thick and delicious that it will make you go back for more. No artificial cinnamon here!




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3) Chocolate and Mint

The classic combo. Perfect after a big meal and just to give you a chocolate fix without making you feel like you ate a heavy dessert. The mint is also great palette cleanser.




4) Pear and Cinnamon

Plunge into the spirit of fall and what tastes like real cinnamon pears. This is incredibly one of the authentic fruit flavors there can be. This is a certified good for the soul combo.

5) Chocolate and Chocolate Hazelnut

This is for those of you who love chocolates so much that you're always in the mood for it! It’s a like taking your chocolate to the maximum level with a toss of hazelnut to add into the mix.


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6) Banana and chocolate

Ha! Another chocolate combo! Ever tried a frozen banana on a stick at a fair? Well this got a very similar taste but in a form of gelato, which is creamier of course.


7) Tiramisu and Cream
There are gelato shops that have a “milk flavor”, this is basically just sweetened cream. Sweetened cream is great when it comes to pairing it with fruit or if you’re in a mood for something light and sweet. So this Tiramisu is similar to the real one that you’ll get. Considering real Tiramisu with layered cream on it, it’s a perfect duo.




8) White mint and blueberry

This combo gives a light and crispy mint flavor with bits of real blueberry that gives a sweet, fruity touch.


9) White Chocolate and Raspberry

More chocolate! 'Cause why not? This will definitely make you order a second cone. The white chocolate is rich; but the sweet raspberry kicks in making it perfectly balanced with that buttery white chocolate. Give it a try!


10) Carrots, dark chocolate with coffee

Strange to imagine but this one is another must try! The carrot is not to overpower but it keeps the dark chocolate on point. The sweetness of the coffee gets elevated when dark chocolate is added and with a twist of the subtle carrot flavor.


What are you waiting for? Step up your gelato combos!


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Roberta Oddati

Written by Roberta Oddati

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