Tips to Carry a Successful Catering Event in the Spring With COVID-19

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With the ongoing pandemic, all social gatherings have been put to a halt nationwide. Catering businesses are the ones who felt the most impact of this situation. Owners have seen their companies change overnight due to the coronavirus, and they need to have a new way in order to adapt to this situation and keep their business running.




Here are some tips you can incorporate in your catering business to get back on track:


  1. Delivery and takeout

Because most dine-in has been discouraged, the only way for catering companies to still bring in some profit is to offer delivery and takeout options for their customers. You can provide family-style meal packages available for delivery since most are stuck with their loved ones. You can prepare oven-ready meals with heating instructions and can be delivered right to a person’s house. COVID-19 made us realize how we need and crave affection and to interact with other humans. Make sure to include short thank you notes in the bag. It is an excellent way to let the customers know you appreciate them and show that you care. Additionally, include your business card so that the customer knows who to contact if they have questions, concerns or if they want to order again.


  1. New ideas and new menus

Because there are limited options on how to do business now, catering companies need to think of creative ways to cater to their customers’ needs and stand out from the competition. One good suggestion is to create food that can sustain the trip to a customer without being soggy or compromising the taste. Most catering companies now add heating instructions to the deliveries so that customers can enjoy the whole meal.

You need to make sure that your customers will not get tired of having the same food every week, so it is best to switch your menus every week, if possible. This strategy is a great way to market your business and it also grabs the attention of customers who are anticipating what each week’s menu is going to be. You can also try having plant-based meals for a week and see how your customers would find it. This can eventually be an opportunity for you to expand your reach.


  1. Show off online

Creating content for social media is a must for businesses because it can be your tool to let the public know you are still in business and eager to provide them with delicious meals for pickup and delivery. However, the challenge here is how to create content that is appealing to your audience.

You can start with your cleaning practices. You need to inform the community that you are taking all the necessary steps to keep your workspace thoroughly clean. Post about your hygiene practices done by your employees on your social media platforms to give the community ease of mind that it is safe to buy food from you.




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Roberta Oddati

Written by Roberta Oddati

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