5 Tips to Sell More Ice Cream This Summer 2021 Season

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An ice cream shop is a go-to place for people with a sweet tooth. They usually thrive during the summer months, and not so much during the winter. However, consumers have been gradually developing a taste for ice cream even during the coldest months of the year. They have low overhead costs and generate high profits. And because an ice cream shop specializes in a specific type of food, the cost of ingredients is relatively low. Most shops are also small establishments, which is why renting the space and utility cost is small compared to other chain restaurants. With this, you need to prioritize increasing your ice cream sales.



Here are five simple and easy ways on how to generate sales for your ice cream business.


1. Market your shop.

You can look for a more suitable platform that you can use in marketing your business. See if your customers are more likely to read online or in newspapers. You can also use ads on the radio or on television to increase the amount of ice cream you sell. The main goal is to reach more people so when they crave an ice cream fix, they will remember your ice cream shop.


2. Offer deals and discounts.

Deals and discounts are like gold mines for customers and it will encourage them to flock to the doors of your ice cream shop. Try to offer discounts for kids to encourage parents to spend their extra money on ice cream. You can also offer two for one discounts or “happy hour” discounts on some ice cream flavors so you can get rid of surplus ice cream in your inventory.


3. Sell in large quantities.

One way to increase your ice cream sales is to offer ice cream flavors by gallon or pint. At Alcas, we have ice cream containers that are perfect for this. Some customers love buying ice cream in bulk to save and eat later. Be creative and maybe offer bundles for larger items so they are encouraged to buy them in bulk. Selling it “off the cone” will increase your ice cream sales.


4. Free samples.

Never underestimate the power of free stuff. Advertise free samples outside your shop and customers will start coming in. People passing by would not resist buying an ice cream once they have sampled the delicious goodness of your ice cream.


5. Distribute them to other venues.

This is a good way to sell your products because it also allows you to market in a different geographical area. Tap your local restaurants and grocery stores and establish a relationship with them. By partnering with them, you increase the amount of ice cream you sell throughout the year just by offering packaged ice cream to local businesses. Make a few phone calls to restaurants and make sure to talk to your food authorities to make sure your ice cream can be sold to other businesses in your area. You also need to make sure that your ice cream is made entirely by you and that it is marked with a clear expiration date.




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Roberta Oddati

Written by Roberta Oddati

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