The Best Techniques for A Successful Outdoor Catering

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Roberta Oddati


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Summer will always be the hottest season of the year. That is why most people will often opt to stay outdoors rather stay inside with the unforgiving heat. This also goes the same for outdoor events because this is considered the best moment to hold them. During the summer, people choose to enjoy the outdoors when the heat strikes and this opens a lot of opportunities for catering businesses like yours. You may have the passion and enthusiasm to try and deliver a good outdoor catering event but you should be ready for the challenges that this kind of catering can bring. The outdoor is an entirely different setting and a lot of factors can come into play. This is why you should be knowledgeable on what you should do to deliver a successful event.




The most critical aspect of any catering is the food itself and planning the menu should be given the utmost focus. The amount should be enough to feed the expected guests to come. It’s much better to have a bit of an excess rather than not have enough. The last thing you want is disgruntled guests that didn’t get to eat as much as they expected. The taste and presentation should be what your brand wants to showcase. It’s your credibility as a caterer that’s on the line here so the more delicious it is for them, the better they see you as a brand. You should also consider the external conditions to your food and this includes your guests preferred tastes, the available space, the season and even the noise level. Even factors like these can affect the quality of your food.



The best way to see how well prepared your catering is, is with the equipment you have on-hand. You have to consider two things when catering for the outdoors and that is time and effort. You need tools that are quick to assemble, heats food fast, and is easy to transport. The right equipment for your space can determine how smoothly your event will be. The best things to invest in are portable grills and gas ranges. They are easy to transport and most have simple setups that allow you to connect to power and cook with ease. People don’t want to struggle to wait for their food and that’s why they even opted to take a catering service in the first place. They want to enjoy the event without the hassle of minding what they should eat.


Backup Plan

The most challenging factor about outdoor catering is the environment itself. The access to electrical power and the weather itself are your biggest hurdles. There may be an electrical source you may be able to use nearby but you should always be prepared for the worst. It’s a good move to invest on a generator even if it’s just a small one. Power outages are unpredictable and you don’t want your caterings service frozen in place, especially if you’re using electrical stoves or grills. No matter how clear the skies may look at the moment, the weather will often change unpredictably. Rain is a hindrance to any outdoor service so you should have a backup indoor venue. You should also bear in mind what steps should be taken to protect your equipment. All of the electrical equipment should be well shielded from any moisture. The worst thing that you don’t want is you and your staff scrambling everywhere and possibly damaging your equipment from the rain.




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Roberta Oddati

Written by Roberta Oddati

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