Best Practices for Catering Outdoor Events

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Outdoor activities will dominate this time of the year because summer is already here. You can expect graduation parties, weddings and corporate barbecues to increase on this warm season, so there are several unique strategies that are excellent for outdoor events to help your catering business stand out.



Big events always require expansive spaces and this is often a challenge since you need to secure the quality and safety of the food in high temperature. So what are best practices for catering outdoor events?

Here are five tips for you.


Prepare a summer-friendly menu

The heat is one of your greatest challenges this summer, so it’s best to prepare menu items that are safe in summer conditions. But don’t sacrifice the factors that positively reflect your business, most especially the delicious choices. For now, avoid those dishes that are easily affected by hot temperature and have high risk of imposing food-borne diseases.


Deliver client expectations

Don’t make things too complicated for your clients, instead make things simple by giving them the assurance that you have already foreseen heat issues and that everything is under your control. If ever you come across an unanticipated problem, just remain calm and demonstrate your expertise. For sure, it will just rub off on your clients and ensure their maximum enjoyment in doing business with you.


Establish safety measures on hot weather catering condition

Provide the best possible conditions for your service and food displays. Make sure that you have the neccessary supplies for your catering business this summer. Cover the food area in order to avoid direct contact to sunlight and to insure that the foods don’t spoil easily. For cases like weather-necessitated adjustments, it’s best to prepare your clients ahead of time. F example, during wedding,s the cake is usually displayed throughout the event so food safety becomes at risk, especially when the weather is very hot. To handle the situation, put the cake out as late as possible with no more than 30 minutes in advance.


Enforce good practices

Too much focus at work sometimes makes you forget to take care of yourself and underestimate the potential of getting dehydrated. A team member who drops from heat exhaustion does not only introduce emotional toll in the team, but it also impacts the overall team’s performance. In this hot season, everyone needs to stay in good conditions by drinking plenty of water.


Utilize technology

There are certain tricks every catering business can employ in order to guarantee a successful summer event. First, to serve more amount of ice than before and second, by utilizing technology. You can use small chilled platforms that can be placed on stations and buffets to keep food cold and in good quality. Additionally, portable butane stoves are some of the top essential catering supplies you'll need because they are readily available for on-the-spot cooking.

Although summer heat is a threat to your catering business, it is not bad at all because it teaches you to be creative as you find unique ways to provide excellent service to your clients. These tips might be helpful to you in several ways so consider them as you begin your summer catering journey.



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Roberta Oddati

Written by Roberta Oddati

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