How to Always Serve the Best Coffee at Your Coffee Shop

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Roberta Oddati


How to Always Serve the Best Coffee at Your Coffee Shop


In an era of fast-paced work filled with long nights of study or work, coffee is the saving grace for a lot of people. It’s the go to pick me up for that much needed buzz for the day ahead. Coffee isn’t just a drink, but a way of life, and even art. Honestly, anyone can make their own coffee, but only a few coffee shops can make the best coffee at the most affordable price. There are rules set to be able to produce a good batch. You may know how to serve high quality coffee but producing wave after eave of consistently good coffee is another story. Here are some tips on how to always serve the best coffee at your coffee shop.





Scales and Numbers

If you want to boost revenue at your coffee shop, you need to make the best coffee in town. It can be hard to believe how numbers can affect the quality of good coffee. However, you may be surprised to know how the quantity of grind and even the water can affect it. Not a lot of people can understand that there’s a ratio between grind, water, cream, ice, milk, etc. The levels of each component can drastically change the taste if you don't  know how to measure each of them.







The Art of Pour

There is one skill in coffee brewing that only a few of the most experienced baristas can deliver consistently. Pouring is easy to pickup but excruciatingly hard to master. Most will look at it and say it isn’t that hard but it’s in the small details that spell the difference. The way you pour it, the water used to pour, and a range of different factors can affect the taste of the coffee. The barista’s one aim here is to find a pour technique that will give them consistently good coffee.



Teamwork is Core

You may have the best equipment for brewing and serving coffee and even the most skilled baristas. However, if they can’t trust each other and are unable to communicate effectively, the coffee will often turn out bad no matter how sophisticated your coffee shop is. The key to consistently good coffee is a team that works well together to ensure each step in the process is going smoothly.






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Roberta Oddati

Written by Roberta Oddati

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