Increase Revenue for Your Ice Cream Shop During the Winter of 2020

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During the winter season, cravings for cold ice cream treats tend to diminish. Ice cream parlors may see a significant decrease in traffic and a loss of profits during the winter months. But this does not have to be the usual case. There are many factors that contribute to the decision of whether to stay open for business or close your ice cream shop for the winter. We’ll give you ideas on how to stay profitable during winter this 2020.



Ice Cream Shop Location

You should take into consideration the location of your business as it plays a big role in whether you should keep your doors open all winter long. There are regions or states where they rarely see snow and if you are near these areas, you may want to keep your business running.


Paying Rent

Even if you close for a couple of months, you will still be paying rent. Some ice cream shop owners found that it is in their best interest to remain open all-year-round because of the need to pay rent on the space. There are some who are making seasonal flavors, adjusting their menus to get through the cold months of winter.





Most ice cream lovers do not crave for ice cream during the non-winter season, they crave for it all year. Opting to stay open in the colder months means that they still have access to ice cream in the winter while other shops may be closed. Also, by keeping your shop open during the winter, you will be first in the mind of ice cream lovers when it comes to preference. Because you are always available all year round, they don’t need to take note of whether you are closed today or not, they just know you’re always open to serve them their favorite ice cream.


Considering all the ideas we have laid out, you might be thinking of opening your shop during winter. Here are a few more ways on how to make money for your shop.


- Hire seasonal staff during busy months. During winter months, you can reduce your staff size because there is a decrease in demand for ice cream. For an independent business owner, you can just oversee your own shop in the slow season, reducing payroll expenses.

- Have seasonal hours of operation. This is also because there is a decrease in demand and you have opted to reduce your staff size, it is a good idea to operate in a much shorter time. You can scale back your hours by staying open just 5 hours a day, instead of 7. By limiting your store hours, it can mean creating demand for your products as people will try to visit before closing time.

- Produce less ice cream in the winter. You can cut down on your usual ice cream flavor options and quantities during the winter months. This way, you’ll have less products to sell and still keep the old favorites on hand for your loyal customers.




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Roberta Oddati

Written by Roberta Oddati

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