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A catering business is such an enjoyable and fulfilling business. It is where you are able to make your clients happy while treating your love for food and people. By having this kind of business, you’ll have the flexibility and freedom of your time. Additionally, you will be able to attend many parties and events. For those who love food and love making sure that clients get what they expect, then this can be the time to start a catering business.



Read on to know the essential guide to a successful catering.

When it comes to payment, prefer to get paid up front. In a catering business, cash flow is critical so it is better for you to get paid in advance, even for just 50% of the whole amount so you can break even.

One point to remember is the food. There are foods that can serve a double purpose. Baked potatoes, for example, can be wrapped in aluminum foil to hold (and transmit) heat for about three hours and also keep other food hot. It is also recommended to put expensive food towards the end of the table in a buffet setting so by the time the guests see it, their plate is already filled up with foods that have a higher profit margin.




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When launching off-premises catering, catering operators should be careful in terms of pricing. People may look at the price first, but they also want value and reliability. They will be willing to pay for an expensive food as long as they get the value.

Food safety is also important, that's why it's important to maintain the integrity of food and have everything cooked or cooled and ready to go at the right time. It is also advised to go against fried foods because they end up soggy. Additionally, steer clients away from roasted vegetables because it tends to get limp by the time they’re served. Room temperature is needed for this kind of dish so it might be challenging when it comes to the venue. Lastly, desserts can be another problem because they can be delicate and can be bumped around. Chocolate glazes and ice cream tend to melt. Delicate desserts and decorations mostly don’t look great upon arrival. Generally, opt to offer dishes that can be transported well.

Last of all, don’t forget to allow twice as much time to set up for any event because surprises can surely happen along the way. Advise clients to expect the 20% rule: “Twenty percent of everything you think is going to be spot-on will be spot-off.” Try to prevent small errors from being noticed, or from becoming bigger errors. Keep in mind that if you under-deliver, clients and guests will never forget it. This is also true if you impressed your clients. Might as well deliver your best to keep your clients satisfied and to attract more clients in the future.





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Roberta Oddati

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