Desserts Cups For Your Gelateria and Ice Cream Shop

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Desserts are one the most lucrative catering ventures from back then to even now. It is an indulgence for some and comfort food for most people.



The taste of any dessert will more often than not be the deciding factor or whether or not it will be a hit. However, the presentation is what draws people in and creates brand exposure and presence. What you showcase to your customers will define how well your dessert grows in success. What your gelateria and ice cream shop need is something that will give you the edge over all the competition that you have. You should have something that can grab the attention and interest of many of your visitors.


This is why mini disposable dessert cups can help you define your brand.


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What makes the Alcas brand unique from every other dessert cup or container is its versatility. It can be both a takeaway container and display at the same time. This reduces the need to change containers and makes it easier to sell and transport each dessert.


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The lid is also ideally practical as it works both as a container lid and a base for serving. They also provide less hassle as the cups are significantly disposable and easy to store. These mini disposable dessert cups work best with any variety of ice cream, semifreddo or even mousse.


Alcas offers a wide variety and selection of their most trendy mini disposable dessert cups. The Ice Cream Up, Apollo Cup, and Stefania Cups are ice cream cups that vary in size and width. Each one is serviceable for any and every variety of ice cream there is.


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The Gemini Cupd and Susanna Cup are more of a versatile type of mini disposable dessert cups that can fit more than just the typical ice cream. These cups are more easily customizable and very versatile.


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Alcas not only offers just the typical mini disposable dessert cups but we also offer larger containers like our Trifle Container and the Banana Split Cup


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Whatever the dessert that you decide to produce and sell, Alcas provides only the best and trendiest variety of mini disposable desserts cups in the market. This will make any dessert look better and more contemporary in its entirety.









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Roberta Oddati

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