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Any holiday can bring a rush of stress into your household, especially if you’re the one hosting. With the Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s pretty sure that you’re all caught up right now in the holiday frenzy, both eager and disoriented of how to pull it off this year. Yes, we understand where the anxiety is coming from. Thanksgiving could be overwhelming, tiring and not to mention a bit over your usual budget.



Worry no more! Read on and find top tips on surviving the Thanksgiving rush. From planning, to preparation, up to the actual hosting of the party, this article is filled with proven tactics on how to survive Thanksgiving.

1. Potluck for good luck

Hosting a party can be pretty stressful so make sure you don’t spread yourself too thin by taking over everything up to the smallest detail. One technique is to opt for a potluck dinner where your friends and family bring the food of their choice. The advantage of having potluck for your Thanksgiving party is that you can assure that your guests get to bring their favorite dessert and meals according to their personal taste.

2. Planning is crucial

Have you ever heard of the quote, “Prepare and you’re halfway there”? Well, that very much is suitable for the upcoming holidays as well. The preparation phase is really crucial to have a successful catering event.

First off, you can make a to do list just so you don't miss out on anything major. Here, you can weigh the things you need to do ,over the things that you find unnecessary. Also, having a to so list keeps you updated of the things you have not done yet, or essentials that you haven’t bought. Post it somewhere where it is easy to see to be able to remind you of the things you need to accomplish. 
Also, don’t forget to put a timeline to each task you write down to avoid cramming on the day of the event.

3. Preparation Milestones

To avoid last minute rush, make sure you collect all the essential things you will be needing for your Thanksgiving party such as your best dishes, matching utensils, high quality trays, precious glasses, essential suppliest and equipment, serving bowls, decorations and more. Put these things within reach so that you're not struggling to find them when it’s time for arranging the stuff you need.

4. Early bird mantra

It’s pretty wise to get your party going as early as you can. You wouldn’t want for your guests to wait around with their stomachs grumbling, right? What you can do to prepare is to make sure the table is already set a day before the party, this will help you achieve the design that you have in mind while your mind is still clear. You can also do pre-cooking tasks such as chopping, dicing, pre-measuring, grating your needed ingredients and also starting your casseroles cooking two days early or so. And of course, what is Thanksgiving without your much-awaited pie? You can start freezing the pie crust and preparing your turkey stock as early as two days before.


So, there it is folks, remember these simple tips and find yourself through the Thanksgiving holidays without a sweat. Most of all, enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving!



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Roberta Oddati

Written by Roberta Oddati

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