5 Steps to Improve Your Catering Business in 2021

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Even before the pandemic, the catering business was booming. It is a great business opportunity for entrepreneurs to showcase their creativity and exceptional ideas to deliver the best event for their clients. Catering is a complicated business and it requires a unique set of skills, processes, and the right catering equipment. If you are thinking about opening your catering business, read on to find out the best ways on how to start your catering business. For catering business owners, this is the perfect opportunity for you to assess what you have been doing and learn the best ways to improve your catering business this 2021.



1. Initial Client Meeting

This is very important because you need to know as much as you can about your client. You need to plan out your initial meeting, learn more about their likes, dislikes, and expectations. You need to make sure you will be able to create a more personalized and memorable event for them.

Prepare sample dishes that you recommend and provide photos with presentation options as much as possible. Take note of their reaction and listen to their feedback so you can curate the event that they are trying to envision.


2. Prepare Your Kitchen

Days before the event, take stock of your kitchen equipment and supplies. You may need to take inventory of everything you might need before the event. Because each event is different, you may need to check whether you have the ingredients for the meals, or if your kitchen is capable of cooking the food that they requested. You cannot cram your way out of this.


3. Plan the Event

Schedule everything, as much as possible. Once you have taken care of the groundwork, it is time to plan the event. Timelines are important and make sure to schedule pre-event meetings and tasks. This is to make sure everybody’s on the same page for the event.

Perform a site inspection in advance. Take note of the facilities you need to use and what is available.

As mentioned, use an inventory list of all items that need transporting to the venue. This makes it easy for you to pack everything after the event to avoid loss of equipment and supplies.


4. Portion Guide

This is also one of the important parts of catering. Portion control is necessary when managing food costs and food wastes. Keep a close eye on portion control because you also need to ensure the profitability of your catering.


5. Do a Touchpoint After the Event

After the event, make sure to acknowledge a job well done. Follow-up with customers a couple of days after the event to make sure they are satisfied. You can also ask them for permission to use them as references for future business.

You can also get employee feedback. Encourage employees to give feedback on both good and less than good aspects of the process. This is to know which part to improve as a business owner. Always seek out improvement.




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Roberta Oddati

Written by Roberta Oddati

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