Prepare Your Ice Cream Shop for the Winter With Coffee To Go

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Roberta Oddati


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Winter is coming, and there’s no perfect time to enjoy a hot cup of coffee than this time of the year! 



With the current situation, most restaurant are opting for to-go now. The rules and advice about how to effectively protect ourselves from COVID-19 might be constantly changing, but one thing is for sure, we should all be practicing social distancing. The recommended space is 6 feet away when you’re in public.


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Swinging by the local coffee shop is a daily habit for most people. They're still looking forward to their favorite shops to serve their delicious coffees. This is why shops should make sure to cater to their customers and improve on their takeaway and to-go products, especially during this winter season.

Coffee shops should implement measures to ensure that people are safe while getting their daily latte. Some coffee shops did the switch to “credit/debit card only” and have stopped accepting personal cups in an effort to minimize the spread of the virus. Other shops also encourage the use of apps where customers can pay through their phone instead of using cash.

Disposable cups are also being encouraged in cafes to minimize the spread of the virus. As much as possible, coffee cups will only be handled by the staff to protect them from others who may unknowingly have the virus.

Customers are also encouraged to put the plastic lid on the cup themselves. Considering they are going to put their mouth on it, it should be as touched by as few people as possible. It is also much safer to drink from the cup without the lid on.

Most coffee shops may start their journey without disposable cups and are trying to look for high quality cups for their customers. Alcas offers the Coffee Way collection, focusing on coffee shops and take-away stores. It is designed to meet the needs of anyone who needs to enjoy their coffee, cappuccino, and any other hot drink.


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Coffee Way products are an easy and efficient answer to all takeaway needs. We have all the available cups for different coffees. Ranging from the typical lattes to espressos and café ristretto, we have it all! The Coffee Way collection makes everyone free to enjoy their beverage in their own way. We have available products for both hot and cold coffees.


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With the new normal, it may not be easy to stick on your usual routine. However, we should also remember that this should not hinder the goals that we have laid out for ourselves. Coffee shops may be having a hard time adjusting to it but being resilient is the first step to survive these trying times. And of course, don’t forget to grab your favorite coffee from favorite coffee shop and take this time to appreciate the winter season, tucked in your homes safe with your loved ones.




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Roberta Oddati

Written by Roberta Oddati

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