How to Keep Your Ice Cream Shop Safe

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Roberta Oddati


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With the new normal, businesses are striving to maintain top of the line safety in terms of the health of employees and customers. Businesses should be able to take certain precautionary steps to ensure that ice cream shops can still provide happiness to their customers.



Ice cream shops should double their efforts on the cleaning and sanitizing protocols in all areas to prevent the spread of germs, especially frequently touched surfaces. The shops should have a dedicated cleaning crew to make sure that the surfaces are sanitized every hour within the shift. Employees should also be well protected by wearing masks and gloves if possible. It is important for all the employees to understand that they should be careful in anything they touch as they can touch things that might have the virus.


Shops should also implement a Contactless Service to eliminate the possibility of direct contact between employees and customers. In addition to a heightened cleaning and sanitizing protocol, sampling of ice cream flavors, serving through cones/waffle bowls, and accepting cash should be eliminated. 


Point-of-sale touchscreens should get wiped down after every use. Any offering that needs to be handed directly from an employee to a customer and there is no way that it can be set down for the customer to take, should also being suspended.


Stores should have alcohol or sanitizer ready at the counter for customer use. Markers should be placed to help people stay six feet apart. This complies with the protocol that people should practice social distancing to avoid the virus from spreading. Temperature screening for team members ad customers as well should be enforced to track whether there are signs of the virus.


Lastly, there should be a limit to the number of guests allowed inside the store based on the square footage of the establishment. This is to make sure that proper social distancing is implemented within the store.


For those customers who can’t visit the physical store, check out whether shops are open for delivery services. Some shops offer on-demand local delivery, depending on your location and the number of products you order. You can check out their official website or social media platform to contact them. Most of the stores today offer a delivery service since not everyone can go out of their houses and make a run to the store. This is very important as it reduces physical contact.


Everyone is continuously monitoring the pandemic situation closely, hoping that this would end soon. As for now, everyone should feel responsible for minimizing the chance of spreading the virus. People should understand that this too will end if we all cooperate.





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Roberta Oddati

Written by Roberta Oddati

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