5 Spring Flavors for Your Ice Cream Shop or Gelateria

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Roberta Oddati


Spring is officially coming! One of the best things about spring is that there are warmer days that make you want to go outside and be present with nature. Spring is also the perfect time to ditch the gym for an outdoor workout. The weather is not uncomfortably warm, nor so chilly that you need to bundle up. This warmer weather with pretty flowers will inspire you to create new limited-edition flavors that are perfect for spring.


Here are five ice cream flavors you can try out this spring season.


  1. Honey Lavender

Springtime is perfect for light, ethereal flavors. Mixing honey and lavender can be a good combination for your ice cream. To create this, steep two tablespoons of dried lavender flowers in your whole milk as it cooks (2 tablespoons lavender per 1 cup milk). Allow to sit and steep for at least half an hour. Replace ¼ cup of your sugar with honey (1/4 cup honey per ½ cup sugar). If you want it to be a brighter purple, add some purple food coloring to your ice cream base. Then process your ice cream as normal and enjoy! To make it more exciting, you can put it in a purple cup. Alcas offers cute gelato cups like the Smeraldo Cup in Violet to match this flavor.


  1. Lemon Custard

Lemon is another classic springtime flavor. To make this ice cream, add 1 oz lemon custard ice cream flavoring per gallon of ice cream base and mix thoroughly. After processing the ice cream in the machine, mix in chunks of graham cracker crust. This is perfect for those lemon lovers as this can be a light, sweet, delicious treat perfect for everybody.


  1. Rose

This ice cream is perfect for people who don’t really like sweet food because it is subtly flora. To create this, steep ¼ cup dry rose petals in your milk as it cooks. Allow to sit and steep for at least half an hour. After that, you can finish preparing the ice cream base and then mix it with your ice cream machine. You can spice it up by folding in dried rose petals before serving.


  1. Blueberry Pie

Blueberries are known for being delicious and bright too. To include it in your spring flavors, add 1 oz blueberry delight ice cream flavoring to a gallon of ice cream base, process, and freeze as normal. Once it’s gone through the ice cream machine, fold in chunks of pie crust.


  1. Mermaid

For those who love bright colors and citrusy flavors, this one is for you. Make a gallon of ice cream base as normal, then split it in half. Flavor the first half with ½ oz of fruity cereal milk ice cream flavoring then add enough light green food coloring to make it very bright. Then flavor the second half with ½ oz of cake batter ice cream flavoring and color bright blue. Process them separately so the colors don’t mix. After processing through the machine, pour them into the ice cream container and swirl them together. Make sure that there are two separate colors.


These are just some of the flavors you can try this spring. To make it brighter and more fun, try to match the flavors with ice cream cups and spoons. Alcas offers a wide range of spoons and cups that comes in different colors. 




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Roberta Oddati

Written by Roberta Oddati

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