Takeaway Gelato and Ice Cream Cups Are Ideal During These Times

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Roberta Oddati


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We are now facing a very unfamiliar global situation at a highly unsettling time. People are now practicing social distancing and choosing to quarantine against a life-threatening virus. Most businesses are forced to shut down to reduce the risk of spread. However, this didn’t stop most restaurants and catering services. Most of them have adapted to promoting their take-out and delivery services more than ever. As this pandemic continues to disrupt the businesses of most people, you should know and understand how you can sustain your business and keep the revenue flowing for your establishment.



This is where Alcas’ high quality top-of-the-line To Go Container Solutions series comes in. It is a simple, yet a beautiful line of food storage containers built to deliver your products in the safest and most efficient way possible. For any restaurant or catering business, especially during these struggling times, the quality of your delivery will determine how long you can endure the pandemic until they can find a cure or vaccine. This is why Alcas’ To Go series is the best service you can grasp.


To Go Ice Cream Tubs and Ice cream Jars

Alcas' To Go Ice Cream Tubs are made with highly durable material to ensure that your frozen products are kept safe and free from the risk of any damage while on delivery. It also help to keep them as cool as possible. This shows that your business cares about the overall experience and quality of your services and products as a brand.

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Thermal Ice Bag

The thermal ice bag is an Alcas exclusive product that is built to insulate the inside temperature of the containers to help keep the food as fresh as possible. This helps you as a business deliver frozen products for longer trips and boost your reach to other customers. You can count on our series of products that each of your delivery will be safe and sound while continuing to keep your food at its best temperature.


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To Go Yeti Container Series


Alca's Yeti Collection is a staple line of products with a wide variety of different shapes and sizes for your containers, so you cater to any shape and size that the customer orders. It aims to include as many diverse selections of food as possible, so nothing is left behind.

The series’ designs are also both artistic and ergonomic as it showcases a sleek profile that is easily recognizable even from afar with its overall structural design. Te design makes holding these containers more effectively while also reducing the stress it can create on you. This can help you and your brand stand out from the rest with our prominent appeal and help you gain the exposure that you need.


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All in all, Alcas’ To Go series is a product worth investing in, especially in times like these where take-out and delivery is growing into the newest trend for people. Its overall material, structural design and practical features makes it a highly versatile container that is ready to face a world with a “new” normal.




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Roberta Oddati

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